Wirthwein with New Company in China

Joint Venture to Continue with International Growth Course. From May 2019 Production of Plastic Components for the Automotive Industry. 







Carolina Technical Plastics Corp. supports Food Bank

Carolina Technical Plastics Corp., located in New Bern, donates 6,000 USD to the local branch of Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina. 






Campaña de donación navideña 2017

La empresa Wirthwein apoya al Centro de ayuda a la infancia de la Obra Social El Carmen en Zaragoza. 






Wirthwein plans a new logistics center in Łódź, Poland

A milk run vehicle at the plant in Łódź.

In September 1998 Wirthwein Polska Sp. z o.o. in Łódź, Poland went into operation producing suds containers for washing machines by means of a shop-in-shop concept. Apart from that, Wirthwein Polska has been producing plastic parts for tumble dryers and dishwashers since 2005. In the meantime, the company employs around 375 people and is doing business in the segments of Home Appliances, Automotive and Energy.

Presently, the machinery includes 48 injection molding machines with clamping forces from 800 to 10,000 kN. 

As the company continues to pursue its growth strategy, it is in need of around seventeen additional injection molding machines and further assembly lines. This is the reason why Wirthwein plans to build a new logistics center just thirty meters away from the existing one, which a capital investment of around zloty 16 million (around EUR 3.8 million) is set aside for.  The construction project is expected to be completed by the end of next year.

As part of the new construction, the existing logistics building is going to be restructured to create space for additional injection molding machines.

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Wirthwein acquires 70% of shares in Farel Plastik A.S. in Turkey

Wirthwein starts producing in Çerkezköy near Istanbul
Production of plastic components in the business fields of home appliances and automotive


Some days ago, the Turkish Competition Bureau agreed to Wirthwein AG in Creglingen acquiring seventy percent of shares in Farel Plastik A.S. Thus the contract between Farel Plastik A.S. and Wirthwein AG comes into effect retroactively from January 1st, 2015. 
By doing business in Turkey, the family-owned enterprise Wirthwein continues to focus on growth. The plastic expert employs around 3,000 people in twenty-one countries around the world - in Germany, Poland, Spain, China and the USA, that is. Having taken this step to Turkey, the company is also focusing on the Middle East now. The Turkish economy has been constantly growing for years with its export rate increasing. Moreover, it is the ideal place to enter the Caucasian and Arabian markets. 


Farel Plastik A.S. and Farplas Group

Farel Plastik A.S. is a subsidiary of the Farplas Group, which is one of the leading family-owned enterprises in Turkey. The group of companies employs around 2,000 people in ten companies worldwide.  
Farel Plastik A.S., which was founded in 1999 and which Wirthwein holds 70 % shares in now, employs around 360 people and generates an annual turnover of EUR 35m. The company in Çerkezköy in the region of Tekirdağ (close to Istanbul) focuses on the production of plastic products for the home appliances industry but also for the automotive industry, albeit to a lesser extent.


Cooperation and exchange of know-how

Farel Plastik A.S. owns forty-seven injection molding machines of state-of-the-art technology and high-capacity handling systems. Such production capacity perfectly complements the machinery of the Wirthwein Group of presently around 425 injection molding machines. 
This partnership is to exchange experience in the fields of lacquering, ultrasound welding, fully automated assembly and various printing- and embossing techniques.
Also the product portfolio of both partners is mutually complementary. For instance, Farel produces cover plates and facia panels for washing machines and dishwashers or also door complexes and jetting bowls. Apart from that, Farel has a long-term experience in the production of plastic components for refrigerators and stoves.    


Turkey offers interesting markets

Roundabout 123,000 inhabitants live in Çerkezköy, which is situated on the European peninsula of Turkey. Istanbul is around 80 kilometers away and the Greek border around 130 kilometers.  
Wirthwein has been acquainted with Çerkezköy for years as their long-term customer BSH Hausgeräte GmbH produces goods, such as refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers with all in all six companies there. The manufacturer of home appliances is just 2.5 kilometers linear distance from Farel Plastik A.S.


The partners after having signed the contract in Turkey, from left: Board of Finance Rainer Zepke, Ömer Burhanoğlu, Ahu Serter, Halit Büyükkuşoğlu and Frank Wirthwein. Pictured in the background the Bosporus.
Visual inspection of a facia panel by two members of staff of the home appliances sector.
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