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Dimensional- and temperature stability

thanks to highly sophisticated materials

High-performance plastic components for transformers

High-performance and utmost-precision plastic components for transformers up to 600 V and 1,300 A at the example of the so-called “cage ring”

Our high-precision plastic components are used for many application areas and a wide variety of requirements worldwide. The number of new areas of application and new industry fields is constantly increasing. Our high-precision components are used to provide new generations of products. The use of high-performance plastics, such as polyphenylene sulfides (PPS) and polyphthalamides (PPA), allows for a wide temperature application range of the components to be processed.

Our expertise

  • Long-term experience in the processing of high-performance plastics
  • Special mold technology tailored to the requirements of the component or plastic concerned
  • High quality standards with narrow tolerances
  • Integration of inserts

“Customers do not just buy a component; they always buy the component performance as well. Together we take your components to series production – safely, efficiently, and in line with the requirements.”

Dominik Braun, Global Key Account Manager, Business Unit Household Appliances and Electrical Industry

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