Carrier shells for airbags

in automobiles

Optical cover for airbag systems to upgrade the vehicle interior

Plastic coverings for the passenger airbag in the seat area

Our carrier shells are used to carry the airbag as well as for the optical covering of the seat structure.

For finishing, these components are covered with fabric or leather. Alternatively we offer eroded or grained surface structures.

Our expertise

  • Compliance with the high dimensional requirements
  • Realization of the high optical requirements
  • Reliable, controlled and documented processes
  • Odour- and emission-reduced materials
  • Strength, deformation, and filling simulation
  • Specific mold design

„We harmonise functionality and optics through our experience in the development of plastic components. 
With a variety of finishing processes we provide the decorative final cut.“


Matthias Schalt

Global Key Account Manager

Tailored to your requirements.

Constructive component development

The optical finishing touches.

Surface refinement