We form sustainably

with a clear commitment to quality, responsibility for our environment and long-term orientation of a true family-run enterprise.

We form innovative products and are a strong partner both for our customers and our employees.

Being an innovation driver for our customers, we design and mold premium quality products and ensure efficient processes. In a constant dialog with our partners we grow dynamically and offer attractive career opportunities with our diverse and globally active family-run enterprise.


Our understanding of corporate responsibility

Not only is sustainability an innovation driver for us but it also commits us to operate environmentally responsiblyand to save resources. Each and every component is the result of our sustainable product development. Each and every process aims at avoiding waste. We employ experts who constantly advance their know-how to pass it on to the next generation. We firmly believe that a sustainable corporate management does not only make our projects more ecological but also more economical in the long run.

  • Product responsibility
    While our customers define the quality, it is our task to see to it that it is implemented sustainably and efficiently. Our employees are jointly responsible for the quality of our products and therefore are part and parcel of the quality we offer. We only deliver products to customers that fully meet our high standards.
  • Resource management and environmental protection
    We deal with resources consciously and carefully and apply innovative, state-of-the-art technologies to reduce emissions, minimize our carbon footprint and to optimize our energy consumption. We got certified according to ISO 14001 and ISO 50001.
  • Social commitment
    We assume responsibility for our international plants‘ regions, our employees‘ families and those who are in need of help and support.
  • Equal opportunities
    At Wirthwein no one shall be discriminated against due to one’s skin color, gender or religion. We concentrate on performance instead of prejudice.
  • Secure jobs and perspectives
    Our global and diversified orientation constantly opens up new career opportunities, both internally and externally. We aim at inspiring our employees for the long term for our company.

Code of Conduct and Compliance

It is the basis for our collaboration with customers, employees and suppliers. Values that have been firmly established in our family-run enterprise from the day it was founded.

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The Management of Wirthwein SE

Corporate Management