Fan wheels and rotors for ventilation- and air-conditioning technology |

8 Mio fan wheels

produced every year.

Fan wheels and rotors for ventilation- and air-conditioning technology

We produce any type of fan wheels – axial, radial, diagonal and compact.

We meet our customers’ complex requirements to fan wheels and rotors with regards to low unbalances and optimum axial run-out, which we already implement directly by injection molding to the greatest possible extent. Possible combinations with all common plastics processing techniques make further processing- and quality optimizations possible. Thanks to our expertise in joining- and assembly technology we can manufacture complete assemblies which are used for cooling counters up to the air-conditioning of groups of buildings.

Our expertise

  • One-piece or two-piece fan wheels including corresponding wall rings, guide wheels and protective grids
  • Very low axial- and radial run-outs
  • Optimized balancing values
  • Automatic balancing through plastics-optimized component geometry
  • Know-how regarding flame-protected and heat-stabilized materials
  • Long-term experience in joining- and back injection molding
  • Assembly of components

“Customers do not just buy a component; they always buy the component performance as well. Together we take your components to series production – safely, efficiently, and in line with the requirements.”

Dominik Braun, Global Key Account Manager, Business Unit Household Appliances and Electrical Industry

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