Air spring and suspension components

for motor vehicles

Plastic solutions for suspension systems

We develop, produce and test chassis components made of engineering plastics.

In the context of vehicle electrification, driving dynamics are becoming increasingly important. By using high-performance plastics, we provide for the use of lightweight yet highly resilient components in the field of air suspension systems.

In addition to the overmoulding of aluminium and steel components, our know-how includes the mechanical and form-fitting joining of various individual parts as well as extensive end-of-line tests.

Our expertise

  • Component design and dimensioning considering environmental data
  • Strength, warpage, and filling simulation
  • Complete component qualification
  • Multi-component injection molding
  • Insert molding
  • Automated module and system assembly, incl. EOL tests
  • Burst pressure test
  • Helium tightness test
  • Specific tool design for highly abrasive materials

„With our experience in the processing of engineering plastics, we pursue the goal of maximum weight reduction with highest resilience. 
We accompany you along the entire value chain.“

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Lars Lederer

Director Business Unit Mobility

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