Fans and shrouds

for the automotive and utility vehicle industry

Experience gained from more than 250 millions of manufactured components of the fan and shrouds product group

Manufacturing of components, fully automated assembly, and inline testing of cooling fan modules.

We manufacture fan wheels with a diameter of between 120mm and 850mm, which are tested fully automatically on axial and concentric run-out as well as unbalance. We provide our customers with a wide range of state-of-the-art manufacturing procedures, from conventional injection molding to thin wall production methods to physical foaming which – together with our experience – guarantee low-stress, warp-free parts.

The shroud which is directly attached to the radiator supports fan wheels, electrical drive and air flow sensor flaps and allows for aerodynamically optimised thermal management by its geometry. 

Our decades of experience in component and module assembly is reflected in the module assembly of radiator fan modules. Wirthwein covers the entire process, from in-house production of all plastic components to the integration of purchased parts, such as electric motors, to final assembly tests. 

Our expertise

  • Component design and dimensioning considering environmental data
  • Strength, warpage, and filling simulation
  • Complete component qualification
  • Unbalance correction
  • Insert molding
  • Physical foaming
  • Thin-wall production
  • Automated module and system assembly, incl. EOL tests
  • Specific mold design
  • Stack molds
  • Sequential delivery

Component design appropriate for plastics and mold tooling.

Our engineering services

From single components to assemblies.

Our assembly competences