Handle bars and door pull handles

for interior equipment of vehicles

Door pull handles and handle bars

We produce handle bars and door pull handles for the automotive and commercial vehicle industry made from technical plastics.

We usually manufacture our handle bars and pull handles in several colours and in a 2 - component process.

In addition to optics and haptics, force absorption, durability and assembly using concealed fastening points are key features of these components.

Thanks to our expertise in plastics processing, we can master the various requirements and also take multiple disassembly and assembly into account when designing your components.

Our expertise

  • Component design and dimensioning considering environmental data
  • Deformation and filling simulation
  • Static and dynamic strength calculation and design
  • Complete component qualification
  • Multi-component injection molding
  • Injection-molding around inserts
  • Automated module or system assembly including EOL tests
  • Specific mold design

„We combine optical and haptic aspects with safety-relevant and economic parameters to create exactly the component you need. 
Together with you, our experienced developers and project managers bring your plastic components into series production."


Krzysztof Gorzechowski

Director Sales and PM Poland

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