Lumbar supports

for seats in automobiles and utility vehicles

Adjustable lumbar supports to increase seating comfort

We develop and manufacture adjustable supports made of technical plastics to reduce the postural stress of vehicle seats.

In view of the constantly growing demands for comfort and functionality on seats in the automotive and commercial vehicle industry, the comfort mat manufactured by us represents the decisive element for lumbar support.

We develop your component according to your requirements. The focus is on the durability and flexibility of the component.

Our expertise

  • Thin-walled component design
  • Transparent design
  • High degree of flexibility
  • Odour reduced material selection
  • Strength, deformation, and filling simulation
  • Specific mold design

„The saving of material and thus also weight with excellent component properties is one of our constant goals. 
Our experienced product developers have the highest level of functionality and economic efficiency firmly in mind.“


Portrait von Oliver Weiß

Oliver Weiss

Global Key Account Manager

Idea, development, implementation.

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