10 years Wirthwein Sasbach

The team in Sasbach is a real "little family", and all employees and their families are invited to the 10th anniversary celebrations.

Diversification important in times of global challenges

Sasbach. After the global economic crisis at the time led to the insolvency of Thermoplast Technik Deutschland Holding GmbH & Co. KG (ttb-group), Wirthwein AG, with effect from March 1, 2012, acquired, among other things through its newly founded subsidiary Wirthwein Sasbach GmbH & Co. KG, Wirthwein AG acquired significant assets of one of the best-known thermoplastics processors in Europe. The Wirthwein subsidiary in Sasbach is therefore celebrating its tenth anniversary these days and even a decade later the overall economic situation is turbulent.

Originally, the newly founded company in the Ortenau district of Baden worked exclusively for the automotive industry, but its customer structure is now more broadly diversified. On an area of 3,500 m² , around 40 employees currently use 13 injection molding machines to produce plastic components for the automotive, electrical and household appliance industries.


A Look back

At the Baden site, the first task was to stabilize the call-off figures of the newly founded subsidiary. In the initial period, a strategically important new customer was established in Sasbach thanks to a relocation of production from the headquarters in Creglingen, Main-Tauber district, to Ortenau. Due to the expected positive development of the call-off figures as well as the intended diversification of the product portfolio, the project planning of a new logistics hall was started one year after the foundation of the location, which could be put into operation in spring 2015. Due to the good order situation, seven new jobs were created in Sasbach in 2016, which was also attributable to a new major project of the first household appliance customer at the site.

The year 2017 was characterized by a restructuring of the production and logistics area. In the course of standardizing work processes, the machine workplaces were designed uniformly and measures to increase occupational safety were implemented. In the following year, investments were made in further technical improvements to the production and logistics area. In close cooperation between various departments, the Sasbach team was also able to win the third business area - electrical industry - in 2018 with the contract for the production of a fan wheel. Optimization measures in line with the Lean guiding principle of "creating value without waste" have always been in the focus of Wirthwein in Sasbach. This includes, for example, the implementation of a fully automatic balance control and correction during the injection molding process, which could be put into operation in 2020.


Turbulent times again

The effects of the Covid 19 pandemic in spring 2020 affected Wirthwein Sasbach in several ways. On the one hand, the lack of customer demand due to the first lockdown caused problems for the plant, and on the other hand, the geographical location close to the French border. In particular, the employees who commute across borders experienced an enormous additional burden due to the tightened border controls and the resulting traffic jams, some of which lasted for hours.

The finalization of several new projects nevertheless allowed plant manager Markus Kropp to look to the future with confidence. The positive trend from the end of the previous year initially continued in 2021, until the economic consequences of the previous crises, and not least the effects of the current situation in Ukraine, caught up again with the site located in the Ortenau district. Nevertheless, plant manager Markus Kropp is positive about the future development in Sasbach, as the current inquiry volumes for potential new orders are very promising.

In these once again turbulent times, Wirthwein is taking the opportunity of the tenth anniversary to sincerely thank all employees for their outstanding work and commitment. "Thanks to the special cohesion of my Sasbach team, we will also overcome the current challenges together. Technical developments and innovations are one thing, but it is primarily the employees who make the difference," says plant manager Markus Kropp with pride about his team.

View into the production of the Wirthwein subsidiary located in the Ortenau district near the French border.