Donations and charity at Wirthwein

Sweat suits for the fire department of Windhausen: Formtechnik Osterode GmbH & Co. KG sponsored ten new sweat suits for the fire department in Windhausen. In his spare time, Stefan Mainka (left), head of toolmaking and deputy plant manager, is the local fire chief, which is why we are happy to support this honorary post.

For some years now, we have been foregoing Christmas presents for our customers and business partners and using the amount for charitable purposes at our locations. In total, over 100,000 euros have been made available for social purposes in the last few years. This year we again supported associations and groups in the purchase of new equipment as well as charitable projects. The organization of events was otherwise a focus of our sponsoring activities, but the Corona pandemic meant that many events had to be cancelled. Here we present you a selection of our support activities in 2020.

Due to the pandemic in 2020 we were unfortunately not able to support associations and organizations to the usual extent. We are pleased to have been able to make a contribution in the social sector despite the challenges this year.

Big Brothers - Big Sisters: Wirthwein Fountain Inn, LLC supports the ”Big Brothers - Big Sisters” project, a mentoring program for young people in the region, with $1,000 and other donations from the workforce. For example, the aid project offers homework support and leisure activities.

100 years horse market of Creglingen - For a century now, Creglingen has had a ”national holiday”: our horse market. Just in time before the corona pandemic broke out in Germany, Creglingen celebrated the event with a big parade, amusement park, music festival, exhibitions and fireworks. Of course we donated money to the town to be used for the preparations.

Fire department of Röttingen: The Röttingen fire department procured two water cannons including foam equipment to fight fires, among other things in large industrial halls. The local Winkler Design GmbH & Co. KG was happy to support the project with 1,000 Euros.

"Kartei der Not" of "Friedberger Allgemeine" newspaper: Since 1965, the Readers' Aid Association has paid out over 40 million Euros to people in need in Bavarian Swabia. We wanted to support the 10th charity golf tournament of the local newspaper of Friedberg (picture from last year) with 500 Euros, which, however, fell victim to Corona – our money will help the region nevertheless.

The staff at Wirthwein Sasbach collected household appliances, clothing, toys, etc., which they presented to Noel Henrique Sebastiao Tanzi. Our employee comes from Angola and sends a shipping container for needy people to his home country for Christmas.

In addition to the donation to Big Brother - Big Sisters, the team at Fountain Inn collected toys for needy children as part of the U.S. Marine Corps "Toys for tots" campaign and clothing for homeless people. In addition, our site supported the animal protection organization "Greenville Animal Humane Society" and the children's hospitals St. Jude and Shriners.