News from Kenya from our sponsored class

Along with medical care, vocational training is a key focus at Cargo Human Care (CHC). Founded in 2007, the association runs not only a medical center and facilities for disadvantaged children and young people, but also a small vocational training center in Kiambu, north of the Kenyan capital Nairobi.

Two local experts teach the necessary theoretical content and instruct the trainees in practice. The main focus of the training is on tailoring and leather processing, with the possibility of taking an exam at the end to obtain an officially recognized training certificate.

At the CHC vocational training center, the trainees learn on common and modern machines and tools. They come from very poor families. Unlike in state-run or private training centers, the acquisition of qualifications at CHC (Cargo Human Care) is free of charge for all participants. 

Vocational training in the skilled trades is generally something new in Kenya. Some years ago, the principle was still "learning by doing". As a rule, trainees had to bring their own tools, which most of them could not afford and which is why many of them were misused as cheap labor.

Among others, our donation helps to finance the apprenticeships. Seven young people will soon take their state exams and thus will be given the chance to gain a foothold in the difficult Kenyan labor market. Since October 2018, we have been supporting the aid project in Kenya with 200 euros per month.