Pillows Donated to Ukrainian Children

Already more than 80 Ukrainian children have been given an individualized pillow with their name on it in Łódź, Poland. Another 400 pillows will soon be donated by Wirthwein Polska to one of the largest orphanages in the region.

Wirthwein Polska gave personalized pillows to children in the Łódź region who had fled from Ukraine.

Łódź. In April 2022, the Wirthwein plant in Poland launched a fundraising campaign to help Ukrainian children who had to flee their homeland due to the Russian attack and were housed in the Łódź region. Employees of the Wirthwein Group were able to order pillows from the plant's neighbor Martello, which they customized with the children's names and donated to orphanages. The manufacturer of textiles granted a heavy discount to the donating employees and Wirthwein Polska contributed the filling for the pillows. Thus, both the workforce and the Wirthwein company jointly made the donations.

In the meantime, almost 90 girls and boys in three orphanages in Łódź have received a pillow with their names written in Ukrainian Cyrillic as well as Latin letters. Since a great many Ukrainian children have found refuge in Poland, Wirthwein will donate another over 400 pillows to other orphanages. We hope to be able to comfort the children in their difficult situation a bit this way.

Łódź is the third largest city in Poland and provided an orphanage for Ukrainian children and numerous other shelters for refugees shortly after the outbreak of war. In addition, schools and kindergartens were expanded to provide comprehensive care.

We wish all the people who suffer from the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine a lot of strength and that the misery comes to an end as soon as possible.