Board of Wirthwein AG: Rainer Zepke hands over Responsibility to Dr. Ralf Zander

After ten years as Chief Financial Officer of Wirthwein AG Rainer Zepke (left) hands over his area of responsibility to Dr. Ralf Zander.

Creglingen. Rainer Zepke joined Wirthwein AG on February 1, 2002 as Commercial Director. On July 1, 2010 the business economist was appointed to the Executive Board of Wirthwein AG and took over responsibility for the financial resort. On his own request Rainer Zepke is leaving the company on July 31, 2020 to take on new challenges. The Supervisory Board appointed Dr. Ralf Zander as the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). He took up his position on July 1, 2020. 


Significant contributions and continued connection 

During ten years in his function as chief financial officer and preceding nine years as commercial director Rainer Zepke has made significant contributions to the successful company development. “However, it was time for me to strike a new path”, says the 54-year-old family father. It is important for him to point out that he leaves the company on friendly terms with the Wirthwein family. One of his most exciting projects during his time with Wirthwein was the foundation and establishment of the two Chinese subsidiaries in Kunshan. “The equity share in Farel Plastik in Turkey meant also something very special to me”, says Zepke who, when looking back, particularly appreciates getting to know the most diverse cultures as well as discussing with many interesting people. 

“I am going to work in the business sector of renewable energies”, says the business economist, who could gain great experience in this business sector with projects such as the Windpark Klosterwald. In his new function as managing director of “Creglinger Bürgerwindrad GmbH & Co. KG“ and as responsible person for the interests of the Wirthwein wind turbine he will continue to maintain the connection to the Wirthwein group of  companies. 

“On behalf of my family and the Supervisory Board, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mr. Zepke for his longstanding and outstanding commitment regarding the company management. We wish him and his family the very best and look forward to meeting him time and again”, expresses Chairman of the Supervisory Board Udo Wirthwein. Around 3,650 employees around the world join his good wishes.


Dr. Ralf Zander – set a good example and engage people 

The 46-year-old economic engineer graduated in industrial engineering and also made a MBA degree in New York. He did his doctorate at the University of Hamburg along his career. Dr. Ralf Zander worked for the consulting company Roland Berger, gained experience in the business sectors of logistics, controlling, and strategy with Bosch and was most recently Chief Financial Officer at Lapp Holding AG. For more than 16 years Dr. Ralf Zander has held various management positions with globally active companies and has extensive experience in the automotive industry as well as in machine and plant engineering. 

“The interesting thing about Wirthwein is the long-term orientation of a family-run business as well as the high dynamic and rapidness of decision-making of medium-sized enterprises”, says Dr. Ralf Zander. At present he has a tight schedule to work off. Apart from learning more about all departments of Wirthwein AG he is handed over numerous tasks. He also plans to pay a visit to the German and European plants. Depending on how the coronavirus situation is developing, he also intends to visit the plants in the USA and China. “My impression so far is that employees and the owner family are emotionally closely connected to the company“, says the 46-year-old who raves about the general cordialness authentically. When being asked about his mid-term targets, the new Chief Financial Officer is ambitious: ”First and foremost we need to overcome the coronavirus crisis and grow from a position of strength. For example, this involves company acquisitions, increasing internationalization and digitalization, the exploitation of new markets, and diversification. It needs good and motivated employees as well as state-of-the-art, efficient processes to be able to rise to the challenges“, summarizes Dr. Ralf Zander, who is able to build on these values given the development so far.   

The two members of the Executive Board Frank Wirthwein and Marcus Wirthwein look forward to collaborating with Dr. Zander and warmly welcome him on behalf of the entire workforce.