Sponsoring of sports, culture and education

Weikersheim High School: Our partner school organized a run from “Weikersheim to Tokyo” on the occasion of the Summer Olympics. We sponsored five cents per kilometer run, making a total of around 622 euros for the sports department.

Support for associations, schools and social institutions

As in previous years, we again supported numerous projects at our sites in 2021. This contribution to social life in sports, culture and education has a very high priority at Wirthwein. We hope that next year we will again be able to support more events, which were an established part of our charity activities before the Corona pandemic and will continue to be so. Here we present a selection of the projects supported in 2021.

Due to the pandemic in 2021 we were unfortunately not able to support associations and organizations to the usual extent. We are pleased to have been able to make a contribution in the social sector despite the challenges this year.

Life Aid for People with Disabilities Main-Tauber-Kreis e.V.: The association has been caring for people with disabilities and their families since 1964. With 80 volunteers, leisure activities are realized for about 180 disabled children, adolescents and adults.

A tablet for the Bieberehren kindergarten: The proceeds of a donation appeal by one of our employees were used to purchase two tablets and new play materials.

Reinsbronner Bühnenzinnober & Tanzvilla Creglingen: Initiated by Sparkasse Tauberfranken, a community of donors collected donations from regional companies. To promote culture in Corona times, the dance association “Tanzvilla Creglingen” and the theater association “Reinsbronner Bühnenzinnober” received a check.

Set of jerseys for TSV Kriegshaber: We sponsored a set of jerseys for the E-youth sports team in the Kriegshaber district of Augsburg which was handed over by HR manager Petra Dintner (left) and plant manager Ferdi Ercan (right). Our deputy head of toolmaking, Peter Depner (2nd from left), trains the successful youngsters in his spare time.

TC Pöhlde: Sophie Schirmer is a design engineer at the Osterode plant and an active player at the Pöhlde Tennis Club in her spare time. As a youth coach, she looks after around 20 children in junior training. Her father Heiko is the first club chairman. To support this commitment, we sponsored new nets for the three tennis courts.

PC donation to Romania: Hermann Gazke is a complaints officer at Wirthwein Medical and an active member of the “Evangelical Christians Baptists”. The church supports children’s homes in Romania. Our Group IT provided 30 PC´s with equipment worth over 8,000 euros. The computers are a valuable aid in learning and in everyday life at the children’s homes.

Support for the “Young Opera” in Weikersheim: The sponsors took over the sponsorship of a performer; our choice fell on the Polish artist Bogna Bernagiewicz (right). As we are also partners of the Realschule Creglingen, we organized a guest performance of two opera singers for the music lessons.

Tablets for the next generation: At the Çerkezköy site in Turkey, we provided tablets to the families of our employees to help the children with corona-related homeschooling.

Food donation: In September, we collected four full boxes of non-perishable food items to donate to Harvest Hope Food Bank in Greenville, SC. The non-profit organization provides 50,000 meals each week to those in need.