Wirthwein expands at site in Poland

Pictured here a visualization of the new hall under construction by the real estate developer MLP in the Polish city of Łódź. The completed hall will cover 71,000 m², the total developed commercial area has 16.5 hectares and underlines the future prospects for commercial development in Łódź. Wirthwein Polska Sp. z o.o. rents around 6,000 m² in the building complex. An option to lease further space has been agreed. Image source: MLP Group

Wirthwein Polska Sp. z o.o. with third production site in Łódź. More than 100 additional jobs to be created by 2027.

Łódź. Wirthwein currently manufactures at two production sites in Łódź, Poland; since 1998, washing machine components have been manufactured shop-in-shop at the customer's site. Another milestone in 2005 was the opening of our own modern factory "fence to fence" to an important business partner in the home appliances business. To enable further growth in Łódź, in May 2021 the Board of Wirthwein AG made the decision to lease additional production space in the immediate vicinity of the existing plant as well as to strategic customers. As a first step, around 35 additional jobs will be created within a year. It is planned to increase this number to more than 100 new jobs by 2027.

The new location enables Wirthwein to align production even better with the product areas and customers. Currently, this was only possible to a limited extent due to the good plant capacity utilization. In the future, the subsidiary in Łódź will manufacture in the new, third production facility for all customers, including the automotive, home appliance and electrical industries as well as the sanitary sector. Wirthwein Polska will initially rent just over 6,000 m² in the modern hall complex, 5,800 m² of which will be used as production and storage space and the rest as staff and office space. To ensure future growth, an option to lease further space has already been firmly agreed. Łódź is located in the heart of Poland, has excellent transport links and is in attractive proximity to many long-standing existing customers and interesting potential new customers, which is why Wirthwein is happy to invest here.


The growth of Wirthwein Polska creates jobs and perspectives

Wirthwein employs around 450 people in Łódź, Poland, and currently produces plastic components for the automotive, home appliance and electrical industries on more than 60 injection molding machines. This makes it the largest subsidiary of the globally active Wirthwein-Group with around 3,500 employees in 22 companies worldwide. The third production facility of Wirthwein Polska Sp. z o.o. is scheduled to go into series production with the first machines as early as the second quarter of 2022. Growth there is set to exceed 20 injection molding machines by 2027, which will mean a total of around 110 additional jobs. For the coming year 2022 alone, around 35 new employees will be needed in production, quality assurance, logistics, administration and maintenance. The HR team in Łódź is already intensively searching for qualified and motivated personnel. Interested applicants looking for a secure job with interesting future prospects can find the current vacancies on the new Polish website at www.wirthwein.pl.

Wirthwein Polska Sp. z o.o. rents 540 m² for administrative purposes. The Wirthwein logo on the office complex will be visible from afar in the future, as the building is conveniently located for the A1 highway connecting Łódź with Trójmiasto. The distance to the existing Wirthwein production site in Lodowa Street is around 4.5 kilometers. The connection is excellent. Image source: MLP Group