Youth work, sports and culture

CREGLINGEN TOWN FESTIVAL “50 YEARS OF INCORPORATION”: We organized a raffle at our booth, where people could choose a village which should win the raffle. Former Mayor Bauer drew the following result: 1,000 euros for Standorf, 500 euros for Waldmannshofen and 300 euros for Reutsachsen.

Every year, we do our part to support numerous projects at our sites that are dedicated to youth development as well as sports or cultural activities.

Despite the economic challenges this year, we were once again able to realize various donations.

CHARITY RUN YOUTH WELFARE CREGLINGEN: On the occasion of its 70th anniversary, the Creglingen Youth Welfare Service organized a charity run for children and adults in June. The proceeds were invested in a bouldering wall. We supported the project with 340 euros.

NATURE DISCOVERY CAB KINDERGARTEN NEUBRONN: The kindergarten acquired a motorized vehicle for the toddler care. Wirthwein AG supported the children’s cab with 500 euros.

NEW T-SHIRTS FOR THE ROTHENBURG HANDBALL YOUTH TEAM: The youth work of TSV 2000 Rothenburg o.d.T. was honored with 1,500 euros. The club equipped all junior players with T-shirts. Our head of group process technology Frank Bensing is also actively involved in the youth work there.

JEWISH MUSEUM CREGLINGEN: In a virtual tour, visitors can visit the museum free of charge from anywhere in the world via the website. For the realization of the project against the background of historical responsibility, Wirthwein AG contributed 500 euros.

NEW BUILDING OF ANIMAL SHELTER IN BAD MERGENTHEIM: Wirthwein supports the planned new building with 1,000 euros, Bembé Parkett GmbH & Co. KG with another 1,500 euros. Our sales and project assistant Mareike Olbrich is involved in the website of the animal shelter.

LION’S MARCH FOR THE BENEFIT OF LEARNING PROJECTS IN EAST AFRICA: The Friedberg colleagues Kevin Bachmann, Peter Depner, Petra Dintner, Sabine Koppold, Frank Novak, Thorsten Rossmann and Robert Triebenbacher participated in the “Lion’s March”. They covered a distance of 100 kilometers from Kaltenberg Castle to Hohenschwangau Castle. The goal was to cover the distance within 24 hours, partial distances were possible. For every kilometer covered, at least one euro was donated. In total we raised 600 euros for the benefit of the organization “Learning Lions”.

STATE SCHOOL COMPETITION IN MOUNTAIN BIKING: For the first time the Georg-Christoph-Lichtenberg-School in Ober-Ramstadt held the state school competition in mountain biking for the state of Hesse. Wirthwein Medical sponsored 100 drinking bottles for the athletes.

CITIZEN BUS AND FIRE DEPARTMENT MÜHLTAL: We supported the municipality of Mühltal with advertisement on the hood of their newly acquired minibus. Besides, we made a donation to the volunteer fire department in Waschenbach, a district of the municipality of Mühltal.

SPORTS CLUB FC OBER-RAMSTADT: Wirthwein Medical sponsored 350 euros to FC Ober-Ramstadt for new ball fences at the main playing field. In the center of the picture, Harald Vlachos hands over the symbolic check to the club managers.