Dowels for initial equipment

Safety for your fastening system in track superstructure

Plastic screw dowels for initial equipment of concrete sleepers

Safety component in dowel-screw combination

Plastic screw dowels made by Wirthwein are the anchoring base for rails on sleepers and as such fundamentally important for the safety of fastening systems. We provide you with the right dowel types made of premium quality plastics such as polyamide or also polyethylene for the initial equipment of concrete sleepers. Basically, the anchor body is cylindrically shaped with a shaft area and an internal and external thread. While the internal thread is to hold sleeper screws, the external thread ensures the interchangeability of the anchor.

Our expertise

  • High quality standards with narrow tolerances
  • Effective reduction of lateral forces in sleepers
  • Suitable dowels for sharp thread screws and round thread screws
  • For use in ballasted and non-ballasted tracks
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