Door carrier plates

for the automotive and utility vehicle industry

Door carrier plates to integrate functional elements

Functionality, sealing of dry area, sound insulation, and weight reduction by using technical plastics.

Door carrier plates serve as supporting elements for door attachment systems, such as power windows, loudspeaker units, sensor systems, and many more. For this purpose threaded bushes for example are integrated in components already during injection molding or also in a downstream process step.

Moreover, door modules separate dry and wet areas by means of extruded 2-component sealing lips or applied multi-component foam sealants.

Our water shields offer additional protection against moisture for door attachment elements.

The integration of sound-absorbing additional components in or on function carriers is also part of our range of services and is done according to customer specifications.

To manufacture our components we use state-of-the-art technical plastics and can therefore achieve maximum weight savings and the highest safety standards.

Our expertise

  • High degree of automation
  • Holistic production processes
  • Integration of numerous functional areas in one component
  • Extruded sealing lips by two-component injection molding
  • Application of multi-component foam sealants
  • Component design in compliance with the emission standards of OEMs for vehicle interiors
  • Sound insulation
  • Very thin-walled component design to reduce weight
  • Strength, warpage, and filling simulation
  • Specific mold design

„We guarantee short development times and provide global manufacturing strategies to take your injection molded components and system components to series production. 
Not only do OEMs, car manufacturers and end customers profit from our expertise when it comes to weight reduction, but first and foremost also the environment."


Portrait von Oliver Weiß

Oliver Weiss

Global Key Account Manager

Custom-made industrialization concepts.

Constructive component development

Lightweight design through plastics expertise.

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