Wall rings, protective grilles and flow grids

for the electrical industry

Components for ventilation and air-conditioning technology

Manufacturing of wall rings and protective grilles as tamper protection for external rotor motors and flow grids for optimal fan performance and noise reduction

Not only the fan wheel or the rotor are important for a fan. The matching wall rings, protective grilles and flow grids are also of decisive importance. The interaction of all components ensures maximum efficiency and minimum noise emission. In the development and production of wall rings, the focus is on the roundness and the gap dimension of the component as well as the high accuracy in the area of the protective grilles and flow grids.

Our expertise in joining and assembly technology allows us to manufacture complete assemblies and fans, which are used from refrigerated counters to air conditioning of entire building complexes.

Our expertise

  • One-piece and multi-piece wall rings and protective grilles
  • Assembly of components up to the complete fan including motor, electronics and impeller / rotor
  • Adapted and matched to impeller / rotor
  • Integrated motor fixation
  • Interchangeable inserts for different motor variants
  • High accuracy with protective grilles to ensure optimal air flow
  • Expertise in flame-retardant and heat-stabilized materials

„From single components to complete fan assemblies, we apply our experience in handling engineering plastics to product development. Together we bring your component into series production in a function-oriented and economical way."

Dominik Braun, Global Key Account Manager, Hausgeräte und Elektroindustrie

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