Hybrid plant tour

From left: Christian Förster, Robin Hoppe, Stephan Hartmann, Harald Daumüller and Marcus Wirthwein in the on-site meeting room.

Creglingen. SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT network visits plastics expert digitally and on site.

With a company presentation, board member Marcus Wirthwein welcomed interested guests of the network "SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT Main-Tauber-Kreis", which he chairs on the part of the business community, to the hybrid company tour with a focus on the topic of "digitalization" last week. Apart from Harald Daumüller from the SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT Baden-Württemberg service, who helped set up the event, one visitor took part on site and a dozen others digitally.


Interesting program for the participants

Following the words of welcome by Harald Daumüller and Denise Voit, deputy principal of Kopernikus-Realschule Bad Mergentheim and chairwoman on the part of the school, Marcus Wirthwein presented the Creglingen-based family business. In his presentation, he also addressed the importance of the core topic and emphasized that the goal of digitizing applications and processes should always be to increase efficiency.

Stephan Hartmann, Head Corporate IT, provided further insights into the digital world at Wirthwein with application examples and practical experience reports. The guests from regional companies, schools/vocational schools and employment agencies then took the opportunity for a lively exchange, during which Stephan Hartmann emphasized IT security as the top priority in view of the increasing networking of devices and applications. Especially since the Corona pandemic, in which many companies had to quickly develop digital solutions, the number of online fraud attempts and the like has risen significantly, he said.

The event was concluded with a guided tour of the plant, which the digitally connected guests were able to follow live via a video stream. Team manager for tool maintenance Christian Förster presented the tool shop to the participants, where Wirthwein manufactures a large part of the injection molds it uses itself. The visitors on site were impressed by the dimensions of up to 20t of mold weight that are processed in the Creglingen tool making.

Application engineer Robin Hoppe explained to the visitors where and how these molds are used in production. Here, the plastic is melted in the machine and injected with high precision into the mold that gives it its final shape. Robin Hoppe also addressed digitized processes in production and presented a system for real-time acquisition of machine data as an example.

Harald Daumüller is convinced and deeply impressed by the fact that "It takes very specialized know-how - in other words, a highly qualified team - to produce a mold for injection molding from a metal block weighing several tons in CNC machining centers."



The regional network SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT Main-Tauber-Kreis is committed locally as a platform for all regional actors in the field of school and economy. At state level, the work of SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT is supported by entrepreneurs in Baden-Wurttemberg. On a voluntary basis, the network supports cooperation between schools and companies as equal partners. It promotes the partnership between schools and business through joint events on career and study orientation. Participants who are active in the transition from school to working life exchange information and have the opportunity to network. Representatives from schools, chambers, agencies and business form an open local network.


Presence indispensable

At the end of the event, all participants agreed: In times of a pandemic, such a format is excellent to gain insights into other companies and to establish contacts. However, it cannot replace the personal contact and impressions of a huge production hall. And so the SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT Main-Tauber-Kreis network hopes that the next event of this kind will again be possible directly on site.

By means of a tablet, the digital participants learned about the Creglingen mold shop and injection molding production.