Internship semester in Fountain Inn and New Bern


Our dual student Levin Arold visiting the USA

Last year, Levin Arold, who is studying plastics and elastomer technology at the headquarters in Creglingen, had the opportunity to put the skills he acquired during his studies into practice. Here he reports on his time in the United States.

“As part of my dual studies at Wirthwein, I spent a practical semester abroad last year. I am very pleased for having been given the chance to complete this at the US plant in Fountain Inn. My main area of responsibility was the continued support of the Hydra production management system, which was recently introduced at the site. I maintained the proper connection of machines to the system and acted as a point of contact for employees.

Another remarkable project for me was the preparation of a rework station for a large component in the automotive sector. The focus here was on workplace ergonomics and cost savings. Working here had a particularly positive effect on my English skills – even though I acquired a slight Southeast American accent.

I was lastingly impressed by the space conditions and distances of the world’ s fourth-largest country. I had to get used to converting lengths and weight units.

Following the practical semester, I went on vacation to visit New York City and Washington, D.C. Thereupon I travelled to the south coast to Miami in Florida and on a short trip to the nearby Bahamas. I really enjoyed being challenged on site, proving myself and getting to know the American culture.

Many thanks to my colleagues on site for the great time!”


Levin Arold, dual student plastics and elastomer technology