Loyalty points out „Team Spirit“

29 employees are celebrating a company anniversary at Wirthwein and Winkler Design this year. Together they bring it to 645 years of affiliation. The anniversaries with years of service line by line from left: Gerd Hollenbach (35), Bernhard Ganter (40), Nadesda Smirnov (25), Torsten Arold (30), Vera Marquardt (10), Susanne Kühne (10), Thomas Stirnkorb (20), Florian Botsch (10), Ralf Henninger (20), Matthias Schalt (10), Philip Heppel (10), Karl-Heinz Seewald (35), Lisa Obermüller (10), Rainer Walch (25), Stefan Pfeufer (25), Jürgen Michel (45), Michaela Beck (10), Thomas Dörfler (40), Klaus Seybold (10), Nadesda Heldt (25), Robert Sawicki (10), Gerold Berg (45), Markus Stein (20), Claudia Schmidt (40), Bernd Botsch (10)

Traditionally, Wirthwein GmbH & Co. KG and Wirthwein AG in Creglingen as well as Winkler Design GmbH & Co. KG in Röttingen, which has been part of the Wirthwein-Group since 1995, honor their long-serving employees at the end of the year.

Already last year, a ceremony to mark the occasion had to be cancelled due to the corona pandemic. Until the very end, there was hope that a handover ceremony with all anniversaries, members of the Supervisory Board, members of the Executive Board and guests of honor could be held in December. However, the development of the infection forced the organizers to postpone the ceremony again this year. Employees who had been with the company for ten years or more were therefore honored in small groups at the company and received a certificate of honor, a silver pin or, for 25 years or more, a gold pin and a culinary gift. The Executive Board members of Wirthwein AG, Marcus Wirthwein, Dr. Ralf Zander and Holm Riepenhausen, as well as Winkler Design Plant Manager Rudi Schmitt expressed their sincere thanks to their long-serving employees for their loyalty and many years of commitment to the benefit of the company.

"The fact that eight of our 29 employees are celebrating at least 30 years with the company this year shows how important mutual trust and lasting relationships are to us," says Marcus Wirthwein. He is now the third generation to manage the company founded by his grandfather in 1949. The management attaches great importance to the familiar atmosphere, also because of these roots. Many careers at Wirthwein and Winkler Design begin with vocational training and extend over many years until retirement. Rudi Schmitt confirms: "The often decades-long experience of our employees is the key to success. They know the requirements of our customers, have internalized operating procedures and at the same time are willing to constantly develop themselves further. This is the only way we can keep getting better together." An official celebration is to be held as soon as possible, as soon as the pandemic situation allows.


A total of almost 650 years with Wirthwein and Winkler Design

Employees who have been with the Wirthwein-Group for ten years or more are honored for their loyalty. From 20 years onwards, the honors continue in 5-year intervals. The almost 30 employees celebrating their jubilee in 2021 bring it to 645 years of affiliation. At the top of this list are Gerold Berg and Jürgen Michel who can each look back on 45 years with Wirthwein GmbH & Co. KG. The management also extended its heartfelt thanks for their many years of commitment to Kilian Spenkuch and Emma Walch, who will be taking their well-deserved retirement in 2021.

On behalf of his family, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Udo Wirthwein, also thanked all employees celebrating anniversaries and the entire workforce for their commitment and hopes that a joint, festive anniversary ceremony can be held again next year.