Wirthwein Group supports sports clubs

Bambini-Mannschaft des TSV Kriegshaber steht zwischen einem Fußballtor

TSV Kriegshaber: The G youth of TSV Kriegshaber were equipped with a new set of jerseys by Wirthwein Friedberg. From the left: Tool mechanic Peter Depner, personnel officer Petra Dintner and the former plant manager Alois Lehner (retired since April 2019) handed over the new kit to trainer Andreas Matena and his team. The children are very proud of the fact that everyone now has their own jersey.

For some years now, we have no longer sent Christmas gifts to our customers, but use the amount for charitable purposes at our 22 companies worldwide. Over the past five years, a total of almost 100,000 euros has been made available for social purposes. Once again this year, we have supported numerous clubs and groups in the purchase of new equipment and sportswear. Here we present a selection of our sporting support activities.

Bühne des Sportkreises Bad Mergentheims

Sportkreis Mergentheim: This year, Wirthwein supported the association's ball, at which honourable sportsmen and sportswomen as well as volunteers are honoured. The Sportkreis looks after about 17,000 members in 63 clubs in the Main-Tauber district.

Garde des Laudenbacher AMC Fasching

AMC Laudenbach: Birgit Jung, employee in the accounting department of Wirthwein AG, is chairwoman of AMC Laudenbach. In 2019, we supported the association's carnival guards in procuring new costumes for the show dance.

Scheckübergabe an die Tanzgruppe des TSV Firnhaberau

TSV Firnhaberau: At the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Friedberg site, the TSV Firnhaberau dance group provided us with excellent catering support. As a thank-you, plant manager Klaus-Dieter Seib (right) presented a check to club president Holger Braunbarth and youth leader Carmen Oharek (from left), which will be used to purchase new training equipment.

Sponsoring des TSV Nieder-Ramstadt

TSV Nieder-Ramstadt: Our subsidiary Riegler supported the TSV Nieder-Ramstadt, which trains in the direct neighbourhood, with jerseys for the youth training. Alessia Aydin, Tobias Müller and Sabrina Jurgeit (from left) also agreed on a occational training cooperation between the sports club and the medical technology specialist.

Röttinger Volleyball-Mannschaft mit ihren neuen Trikots

TSV Röttingen: The volleyball men of TSV Röttingen were equipped with a new set of jerseys by Winkler Design in 2019. For the first time in the club's history, the team was able to win the Lower Franconian District Cup this year.