Social youth projects with Wirthwein

Junges Theater in Röttingen auf der Bühne mit Danksagung

„Junges Theater“ in Röttingen: Under the direction of theatre pedagogue and actress Frederike Faust, children from the 5th grade onwards can discover their stage talent here. The children are currently rehearsing for the musical "Heidi". Wirthwein AG made this cultural project and literature workshops in various schools possible.

For some years now, instead of buying Christmas gifts for our customers we are using the amount for charitable purposes at our 22 sites worldwide. Over the past five years, we have been able to make almost 100,000 euros available for social purposes. This year, we again provided financial support for numerous projects for children and young people. We would like to present a selection to you here.

Spielplatz in Lichtel erstrahlt in neuem Glanz

Playground in Lichtel: In the village of Lichtel, which belongs to Creglingen, we supported the modernisation of the outdated children's playground. Some of the 20-year-old devices were already defective, which is why we accompanied the project with a donation of 500 Euros. The children in Lichtel are very happy about the new play possibilities.

Blick auf Malaga mit historischer Brücke

Dr. Georg Graf von Arco-high school in Nauen: Teacher Carolin Riebe works closely with Julia Koser, our personnel officer at the Nauen site. We regularly receive applications from high school students as trainees, holiday jobbers or interns. That is why we are very happy to support the Spanish course's trip to Málaga this year. 16 students were able to get to know the Spanish culture as well as the language and spend an eventful week.

Krabbelgruppe Neubronn beim gemeinsamen spielen

Toddler group in Neubronn: In the village of Neubronn, which belongs to Weikersheim, a toddler group for the youngest inhabitants was founded this year. Wirthwein employee Stefanie Wagner (left), who was responsible for collecting donations in goods and money, is also a member of the group. Wirthwein AG supported the group with a donation of start-up capital.

Spielplatz in Schmerbach mit neuem Klettergerüst

Playground in Schmerbach: Also in this village of Creglingen the renewal of the play equipment for children was necessary. The village community was engaged in collecting donations and organized an open-air cinema for the benefit of the playground. We supported the project with 500 Euros and are happy that the playground enjoys great popularity.

Junge bei einem Workshop

Art project UnARTig in Bad Mergentheim: We supported the purchase of paper, canvases, paints and tools with 500 Euros so that numerous children and young people could become creatively active in several workshops. Through creative design, the cultural project aims to support the personal development of young people and promote social skills.