Wirthwein Crimmitschau supports Grammar School in Fraureuth

Scheckübergabe an Grundschule Fraureuth

Deputy Plant Manager Dr. Maike Gruschwitz (right) and Works Council Timo Jahn (left) hand over the check of Wirthwein Crimmitschau GmbH & Co. KG worth EUR 10,000 to Headmistress Carolin Meyer, Head of Central Office Robby Safferthal and Mayor Matthias Topitsch (from left) for their ‘classroom outdoors’ project.


Manufacturer of Plastic Components for the Automotive Industry Donates EUR 10,000

Crimmitschau/Creglingen.  Fraureuth ist around 20 minutes away from Crimmitschau – however, the call of the grammar school in Fraureuth for a ‘classroom outdoors’ got as far as the hearts of the workforce of Wirthwein Crimmitschau GmbH & Co. KG. They looked after the call for need of the grammar school to create a learning-friendly environment and passed the idea on to the Wirthwein company headquarters in Baden-Wurttemberg within the framework of their Christmas donation campaign. Every year the Executive Board of the family-owned enterprise Wirthwein decides upon who they are going to support with their campaign. This year the grammar school in Fraureuth is given a donation of EUR 10,000. With the money, the school wants to create a ‘classroom outdoors‘ and continue to pursue the path to create a learning-friendly environment.

The grammar school is named after Erich Glowatzky, who was born in Fraureuth in 1909. In 1935, Erich Glowatzky emigrated to Sydney to become a successful mechanical engineer. As long as he lived it was very important to him to socially support children, adolescents and elder people in his home country. In accordance with the eponym Wirthwein has become active in the regions around the international plants for many years; they particularly support children and adolescents, culture and sports, and poor or sick people. Since 2014, Wirthwein has dispensed with Christmas presents for customers but has donated almost EUR 90,000 to various social projects instead within the framework of their Christmas donation campaign. For example, Wirthwein sponsors the ‘Eispiraten Crimmitschau’ in the region of their plant in Saxony, or also provided EUR 10,000 emergency aid after the flood disaster in 2013. The company has also sponsored various minor employee projects. Now the next substantial donation to the region of western Saxony follows, just in time for Christmas.


Classroom outdoors

Deputy Plant Manager Dr. Maike Gruschwitz had attended the grammar school in Fraureuth herself, “which is why it is a special delight for me to hand over the donation of Wirthwein Crimmitschau GmbH & Co. KG. Our family-run enterprise which focuses on vocational training and the development of junior staff quickly decided in favor of our project to support children close to our plant, particularly since many colleagues come from the rural area around Fraureuth and feel very well with our company.”

With the money, the grammar school fulfils its long-desired dream of a ’classroom outdoors‘. It plans to build a solid wooden house with BBQ area for lessons in fresh air and to allow for the children’s need for movement. The adjacent school garden, a learning corner or also the opportunity for classes to spend the afternoon there are meant as a diversion from everyday school life so that children will love to go to school and feel highly motivated. The day care center will also be allowed to use the ‘classroom outdoors’. Moreover, the new rooms should be used for diverse project days. Certainly, Erich-Glowatzky Grundschule with its twelve teachers, who currently teach eight 1st to 4th grade classes, will come up with many new ideas what to do with the new premises for lessons, leisure activities and events.


Wirthwein Crimmitschau: a subsidiary of the Wirthwein AG since 2012

Founded in 2012, Wirthwein Crimmitschau GmbH & Co. KG has been part of the globally active group of companies ever since, “whereas we do not like to use the term ‘group of companies‘ too much”, says Deputy Plant Manager Dr. Maike Gruschwitz, “as we rather consider ourselves a family-run business still which is close to its employees and needs despite its 22 international plants and some 3,650 employees all over the world.“

The plant in Crimmitschau, Saxony, specializes in the production of injection-molded plastic components for the Automotive industry. It also produces air filters for cars and commercial vehicles, like trucks, busses or tractors. 150 employees are responsible for all process steps of a modern industrial company, starting from inventory control, maintenance and handling of complex injection molds to modern plastic injection molding process and the focus on premium quality to sophisticated logistical flows. “Wirthwein is happy to promote children. They are our society’s and our company’s future. We are a convinced and committed vocational training company“, says Dr. Maike Gruschwitz.


Erich-Glowatzky Grundschule Fraureuth

Headmistress Carolin Meyer had tears in her eyes when she heard that her dream of a ‘classroom outdoors‘ can be realized now thanks to the donation of Wirthwein and SLF Spindel- und Lagerungsfertigung. ”We aim at teaching our children in the best possible way and procure them much knowledge. If, however, this can happen in a friendly, open and fresh environment, school will give fun and pleasure in gathering knowledge to our children. This is the best that can happen to us.“

Team spirit in the classes of the grammar school is strong. Children can develop according to their abilities and desire, for example in sportive competitions or in singing lessons in the school choir. Class excursions, Christmas excursions, or visits to exhibitions like the ‘World Book Day’ form part of a diverse annual program as do project weeks on the subject of health, for instance. Thereby, teachers are not classical instructors but help, attend, promote and make demands on their pupils with the most different forms of learning. The close collaboration with parents, who feel a close bond with the rather small and rural school, is also very helpful for a positive network and successful learning. Teachers and pupils of Erich-Glowatzky-Grundschule Fraureuth are very happy with the generous donation of Wirthwein Crimmitschau GmbH & Co. KG and offer their sincere thanks to the company.