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With some 70 assembled Wirthwein components in one car, 22 companies around the world and more than a quarter of a billion of manufactured components every year.

We purposefully take injection-molded components and system components for the Automotive Industry to series production.

Our expertise

High performance thanks to short development times, global manufacturing strategies and an outstanding series-production quality.

As a global and certified system partner we have been developing, producing and assembling plastic-based components and systems for renowned OEMs and manufacturers in the Automotive Industry for more than 40 years. We place project teams all over the world, in-house tool making and state-of-the-art injection molding technology. We focus our expertise already when developing and validating components and bundle all process steps at production sites close to our customers, which is why we are able to shorten development times, consistently reduce logistics costs and fully meet your aesthetic and functional requirements.

  • Conveniently positioned with global project teams, in-house toolmaking and 22 companies around the world
  • More than 40 years of experience in the production of plastic components for the Automotive Industry
  • 100 % tested and fully automated state-of-the-art production and assembly technologies
  • All conventional Automotive certifications and quality rules according to IATF 16949
  • Just-in-time logistics solutions

Our full service to meet maximum demands on design, weight and stability.

As a system supplier we are experts in physical foaming, a highly important technology for weight reduction, all conventional injection molding procedures and the full range of processing services, from functional integration, linked module assemblies up to component finishing and varnishing. We have developed an outstanding position in the market, particularly as regards large technical components with high quality requirements.

  • Space-optimized part design and simulation
  • In-house toolmaking, including large, complex components
  • State-of-the-art injection molding procedure and finishing service
  • Interlinked and automated series-production assemblies
  • Glass fiber reinforced plastics, such as PA6 GF50, PP long glass fiber 

Reference projects of the Automotive business unit.

Our fans, shrouds, module carriers and net wind deflectors set standards around the world. This is one of the many reasons why leading manufacturers as well as tier 1 and 2 suppliers rely on the Wirthwein brand quality. We ask you for your understanding that we have to keep some projects back from you due to nondisclosure agreements.

Cover window frame

Design elements with function integration

Cover window frame

Rear door trim panel

Optics, acoustics, space management

Rear door trim panel

Fan and shroud

for the automotive and utility vehicle industry

Fan and shroud

Air duct

for heating, ventilation, air conditioning

Air duct for HVAC

Active grille shutter

Air gate

Active grille shutter

Net wind deflector

Functional parts for panoramic sunroofs

Net wind deflector

Power lift gate

for automatic tailgate systems

Power lift gates

Bumper systems

Function, safety & optics

Bumper systems

Door carrier plate

to integrate functional elements

Door carrier plate

Water shield

Wetness protection of electronic elements

Water shield
Quality assurance

One reproducible, process-reliable series-production quality worldwide.

Incorporating our certified quality management system according to ISO 9001 and the provisions of IATF 16949, as well as your project-related specifications we assure the required quality along the whole value stream by utilizing controlled and fully automatic processes which we put into practice at each and every Wirthwein location. From our decades of experience we know what can be produced, where strengths are needed or how we can reduce weight by means of high-strength plastics and the right procedure.

Development, mold design and validation of parts

Component simulation, strength calculations, filling studies and FMEA. 

Series production control

Optical and tactile measurements in in-house measuring rooms.

Annual requalification

Regular inspection of serial parts, supplier audits and repeat audits.

Our team

Wherever automotive development takes us, we will always respond to our customers‘ requirements.

Portrait von Lars Lederer

Lars Lederer

Director Business Unit Automotive
Portrait von Johannes Döhler

Johannes Döhler

Global Key Account Manager
Portrait von Oliver Weiß

Oliver Weiss

Global Key Account Manager

Matthias Schalt

Global Key Account Manager

Roland Friedberger

Director Sales and PM USA

General Manager
South Carolina Plastics, LLC

Thomas Volkmar

Global Key Account Manager

Valen Pan

Director Sales and PM China

Deputy General Manager
Wirthwein Shenyang Technology Co., Ltd.

Andreas Maas

Global Key Account Manager
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